Treadmill and outdoor running which is better?

   Treadmill and outdoor running which is better? There is no time limit on the treadmill, at any time to go up and run a few at home, while the outdoor running must see the weather, and it is best to be in the morning and evening. So many runners have this question, treadmill and outdoor running which is better?


 The first is that the outdoor good results, they feel that the open running unimpeded, easily ran out of performance, because of the speed and the treadmill sometimes with people keep up with the rhythm, it is easy to cause the knee were injured, so stick to the outdoor running well.

   That treadmill good effect on one side, they think the treadmill can be set uniform, while running outdoors will because of his reasons for running speed is reduced, but also reduces the running effect and the effect of weight loss, or a good treadmill.
The two sides said there is a reason, then in the end which effect is good, we have to do a test to see which environment under which the running effect is better.


   Methods: to find a gym to exercise volunteers, so that he was in the gym and outdoor running 40 minutes, 4.5 km, and finally to test the two cases of consumption of calories and weight.

   The test, we used the HIIT test, which is interspersed with high intensity exercise in the early movement, this way of running is the most scientific, but also the most popular, followed by the introduction to.

   Now look at the data, and run the same outdoor treadmill, KM and time, almost the same calories is 292 calories and 266 calories consumed, the weight of 0.6 kilograms, is the same, then basically you can determine the effect of two environment running should be divided into upper and lower, so this test is really that the outdoor running on a treadmill running and the effect is the same, in addition to test, we also contacted the gym coach professional answer.

   Fitness coach to answer the two are not different from many aspects of the comparison

   Fitness coach Yang Zhao tells us that the gap between outdoor running and running in the gym is really not too big, and you see how you choose, but for a healthy and lasting exercise, running a little bit better.

   In fact, the treadmill set is to exercise, such as its transmission belt, can increase the movement and friction between the friction effect is better than the street outside the well; secondly, the treadmill can freely adjust the slope, road slope changes, can change the running state of the body.
More intelligent, treadmill can better detect heart rate, monitor heat.

   And outdoor running, in fact, the biggest problem is the air quality, but also the outdoor running of the venue is limited, running the most total consumption of calories and fat is certainly not up to the treadmill effect.

   Crazy running is not scientific gap run the most burning fat effect is best

   Keep the same strength training, fat burning effect and no intermission training method of high strength, fitness coach Yang Zhao told us that this is now more popular “HIIT” fat and calories, short time and high quality special training method is very suitable for the burning of the modern way of life.

   Usually HIIT20 minutes of training than on the treadmill running an hour is more effective, the emphasis is on the former achieved better effect and save a little more than forty minutes, the training will make you as much as 100% in 20 minutes of physical friction, the specific method is 1 minutes of uninterrupted high intensity exercise, 20 seconds rest at least 6 cycles.