The elliptical machine and treadmill which is better?

   The correct use of elliptical machine can enhance the effect of exercise. Hands to light grip equipment arm, hand with the foot in order to move forward step by step, hand and foot movement coordination, and then slowly increase the hand thrust and tension. If your weight is heavy, then the small series suggest the best use of elliptical machine exercise, because the elliptical machine and treadmill compared to the impact of the knee is relatively small. Elliptical machines can enhance physical fitness and physical fitness for healthy people. Bad people, walking or running, walking or running, the feet of the impact, joint pain, the use of elliptical machine exercise, then, will be more safe and comfortable.

   Treadmills and elliptical machine two kinds of fat burning effect depends on the length of time and motion intensity of movement, can not be generalized. But treadmill and elliptical machine for different people. Body flexible, the rhythm of the person can choose to have a treadmill. People who are not very good on the knees can choose the elliptical machine.

treadmill reducing weight

The treadmill effect reducing weight
Research has shown that treadmill effect reducing weight and outdoor running effect reducing weight difference is not large, but in setting speed, cooperate with the treadmill to run to the beat, can let a person feel more relaxed, and running on a treadmill is not affected by the weather, can avoid air pollution. Therefore, more and more people are now keen to indoor treadmill exercise.

The treadmill exercise like other aerobic exercise, need to be powered by burning fat, can reduce weight, also can enhance the person’s heart and lung power. Treadmill running the result that reduce weight because of the difference between different exercise intensity. When exercise intensity to keep its own about 75% of the maximum intensity, the treadmill is the absolute monopoly of burning fat. High strength, treadmill running 1 hour can consume 850 calories.

elliptical machine reducing weight

The elliptical machine method reducing weight
Elliptical machine just as its name implies is our feet when walking or running through each step of the route is an ellipse. Elliptical surface pedal has two, its movement trajectory oval, in the above motion feeling is in the walk or run, but the soles of your feet will not leave the pedal, the joint damage. So, elliptical machine effect reducing weight?

Elliptical machine has two kinds, one kind can only step backwards movement, another request exercisers to fours, two kinds of popular, the latter was a little challenging. Because of its high requirement to the balance, and the latter can also exercise the muscles of the upper body, can increase endurance exercisers arm.

Elliptical machine effect reducing weight: elliptical machine can be combined arms and leg movement, insist to take exercise for a long time can better coordinate limbs, muscular body. Long time to exercise can improve physical stamina, exercise your heart and lungs function, gentle state of mind, improve exercise capacity.