The benefits of a morning walk

   For a walk, I don’t know what will. The health benefits of taking a morning walk everyday are immense. Here are 5 reasons why you should take up a morning walk.


Walking helps prevent diabetes
Walking regulates blood sugar levels, which keeps insulin levels low and diabetes at bay. Walking for 15 minutes after meals helped regulate blood sugar levels just as effectively as one 45-minute walk per day, said a study, which is good for those daunted by one big walking session.

Walking is gentle enough for people of all body types
Pregnant? Morbidly obese? Arthritic? Walking is gentle enough for most people who have these conditions, doctors agree, and the activity can help ease the pain of chronic illness — even if you have to start off by walking just two minutes a day.

It is a good form of exercise for your heart
Everyone knows that in the ranking of best-for-you exercises, running is better than walking, right? Not necessarily, and especially not when it comes to cardiovascular health. A study found that walkers who cover the same mileage as runners enjoy comparable reductions in high blood pressure, high cholesterol and coronary heart disease. While it took twice as long for walkers to cover the distance, walking may be a more sustainable and accessible activity than running for most people, especially those who are new to exercise.

It lifts your mood and protects against depression and anxiety
Moving your body is a good way to release endorphins, a set of feel-good chemicals that dull pain receptors in the brain, sedate you and even give you feelings of happiness and euphoria. That’s why walking is recommended to help improve symptoms of mild to moderate depression. Walking briskly for 35 minutes five times a week, or 60 minutes three times a week, has a significant influence on mild to moderate depression symptoms.

Walking is affordable and accessible
There’s no gym membership, fancy exercise clothing or even walking-specific shoes you need to start. You also don’t have to be trained to learn how to walk properly. All you need are a pair of comfortable, supportive shoes!