Give yourself 3 months – to keep fit and to build a man’s body

  Fitness field has a saying, give yourself 3 months of time to train, your effect will be particularly apparent, muscle and line can come out. However, why some people ask me, clearly adhere to exercise, but still no effect, which is why? Today, let’s talk about the good habits of men’s fitness.
To be particularly able to eat

  The principle of strength training is to tear the muscle damage, and then through protein and other nutritional supplements and rest to heal up. Some people say that the long muscle three points in practice, seven points in eating is not without reason. Excellent protein and healthy hydration and protein is essential for muscle mass. At the same time, but also away from those high oil, high salt, sugar and fried and processed foods.


Reasonable arrangement of training time
Usually think of the morning training effect is better, the morning exercise every day can be full of energy. But in terms of training results in terms of 3~5 PM is the best training time, because this time the body is in the most excited state, but the workers may not use this time. There is also a good training time is 8 in the evening, but to pay special attention to the training of the diet, because before going to bed should not eat too much.
3 best training times can be a try, to find their best training time. But to assign a good training before and after the diet and rest time. In addition, occasionally change training time, also can give the body more stimulation, get better training effect.


Action to standard
Action is not standard is equal to white to do, even let you get hurt or the body more practice is ugly. Action is not standard, there may be two reasons, one is the weight is too large, the two is the force position is not correct. Correct training, the speed of the action can not be fast, but to focus on the part of the exercise to control the force.


Aerobic exercise is very important
Want a good meat, light do strength training is not enough. Appropriate to do some aerobic exercise, even if you don’t need fat. Aerobic exercise is not only able to consume excess fat, but also improve the body’s heart and lung function, can lift more iron, more weight. However, the time, frequency and intensity of aerobic exercise should be properly arranged. For fat people, excessive aerobic exercise will consume you finally out of the muscle.


To stretch before and after training
The common injury in the gym is over fatigue damage, which is the main cause of excessive fatigue and lack of rest, in addition to the rest before and after the training. Stretching is also essential, and the training before and after the stretch to effectively prevent the accidental injury, but also to make the muscles grow faster and better.

  Why some people fitness effect is obvious, and some people seem to have no change? This is because the method is not right and do not adhere to good fitness habits. If you can hold on to these good habits that I have given, I believe you will be able to have a good effect soon! Do not be discouraged, continue to refuel!

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